Fatism (n) -

1. Discrimination or prejudice based on a person's weight.


 Fatist (n & adj) -

1. A a person with a prejudiced belief that one persons weight is superior to others.

2. based on intolerance to a person's weight.

In a world that's constantly reminded to be "politically correct" almost every minute of the day...

In a world where refering to a person in any way other than just a human being, could possibly label you as prejudice, a racist, a biggot, narrow minded, or the perpetrator of a "hate crime"...

In this very same world, millions of fat people every day are being discriminated against, laughed at, and openly abused just because of their weight.

I'm not saying fat people need special treatment.  That would also be just as unfair as affirmative action, nor do we need any special rights. All we need is to be judged by our individual actions, not by our waist size.


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